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I invite you into this safe space, to allow your body to breathe, stretch, play and express itself freely...

Awakening your feminine flexibility and strength

Sensual S Movement & Pole Dancing

Are you looking a fun, sassy workout? Were you intrigued by the Netflix documentary. "Strip Down, Rise Up"?  Do you want to tap into your feminine energy?  If so, you're in the right place.  We offer S Factor classes for beginners and experienced practitioners.  We can't wait for you to journey with us! 


Love Notes


I've never felt so alive.


This (retreat) weekend, no words. Thank you so much, EVERYONE! SO honored to receive and be witnessed. So much love in my heart. Overflowing for and with all of you.


My heart is full! thank youf or taking me under your wing. Your retreat was fantastic! Your teachings allowed me to break free and reconnect with my body. I feel so relaxed and yet alive. My body was so guarded and lived in a state of stress. Now, I can move freelyand without fear.


Hi, MaryAnn- I just wanted to say what a fantastic job you did this wekend adn all the planning for it. I felt so warm, loved, special, fortunate, and blessed. It was hard to contain or label all the wonderful feelings.


Podcast Episode with Brook Bergman

Brooke is a licensed marriage and family therapist, somatic healer and sister S Factor advanced practitioner. She interviewed me about how embodied feminine movement affects my teaching, my learning, and my relationships.