I invite you into this safe space, to allow your body to breathe, stretch, play and express itself freely...

  • "Hi, MaryAnn- I just wanted to say what a fantastic job you did this wekend adn all the planning for it. I felt so warm, loved, special, fortunate, and blessed. It was hard to contain or label all the wonderful feelings."

  • "My heart is full! thank youf or taking me under your wing. Your retreat was fantastic! Your teachings allowed me to break free and reconnect with my body. I feel so relaxed and yet alive. My body was so guarded and lived in a state of stress. Now, I can move freelyand without fear."

  • "This (retreat) weekend, no words. Thank you so much, EVERYONE! SO honored to receive and be witnessed. So much love in my heart. Overflowing for and with all of you."

  • "Mary Ann is an amazing teacher!  She provides a beautiful, safe, fun, feminine place to move your body, tap into your curves, and express your emotions."

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